July 09, 2020

New Hope Network Features Justin Pierce on Three Ways Startups Can Protect Intellectual Property

1 min

On July 7, 2020, Justin Pierce was featured in New Hope Network, where he discussed three ways emerging brands can protect their intellectual property: trademarks, trade dress, and trade secrets.

Trademarks can be applied to anything that sets a brand apart, from its name to the color combinations used to the logo on the packaging. “These are all things that even the smallest startup will need to have ironed out right off the bat as part of their business plan,” Pierce says, “and are all appropriate for trademark protection.”

Pierce suggests thinking about all the different ways the brand will be conveyed and applying for separate trademarks for each. “In addition to the brand name, you can also trademark black and white logos, color logos, distinctive product packaging or product configuration—anything that conveys unique aspects of your brand,” says Pierce.

“People often make the misjudgment that once they file for trademark protection in the U.S. that they are covered everywhere,” he added. “But it’s important to note that even if you file and get trademark protection in the U.S. there are additional steps you need to take to be protected around the world. A trademark lawyer can help with this.”

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