June 25, 2020

USC Gould School of Law Blog Quotes Nicole King on the Impact of the Trope and Trope Fellowship

2 min

On June 25, 2020, Nicole King was quoted in a USC Gould School of Law blog article discussing the impact of the Trope and Trope Fellowship on her career.

According to the article, 2020 marks the 25th year Sorrell Trope, one of the most prominent family law attorneys in the nation, has given back to his alma mater and clients in need through the Trope and Trope Fellowship at the Harriett Buhai Family Law Center in Los Angeles. Every year, one USC Gould student spends a summer at the center learning by working on marriage dissolutions, domestic violence cases, paternity cases, and other aspects of family law, all pro bono.

King says the fellowship helped confirm her desire to be an attorney.

“That experience was so great because I had so much client interaction,” she says. “I felt empowered in terms of having ownership over my cases. I liked talking to people, learning their stories, being that facilitator to flesh out the facts and figure out what was important. I remember working with Betty [Nordwind, Buhai Center executive director] who emphasized the value of understanding your role while working with clients in family law. The fellowship was good for me in the sense of cementing a lawyer's role.”

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