October 19, 2020

Baltimore Business Journal Features Stacie Tobin’s First Year as Partner in Charge of Baltimore Office

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On October 19, 2020, Stacie Tobin was featured in the Baltimore Business Journal discussing her first year as partner in charge of Venable’s Baltimore office and the unexpected challenges that came with it. The following is an excerpt:

Every Friday morning Stacie Tobin sends a note to the attorneys and staff who work at Venable LLP's Baltimore office including nuggets of good news, recent successes and sometimes a bad joke.

Tobin's notes are one way she tries to keep everyone at Venable's Baltimore office connected even though the vast majority of people continue to work remotely. Nothing could have prepared her for how to lead employees through a global pandemic and the biggest social justice movement in a generation when she became partner-in-charge of Venable's Baltimore office last year.

"I thought I was taking a job that had a playbook and all you had to do was follow the playbook," Tobin said. "It turns out I was wrong,"

Despite all of the challenges experienced during the year, Tobin said Venable is "doing well." Initially, the firm's leadership and attorneys worried that clients would stop asking for work or stop paying bills. Neither of those concerns materialized and Venable's attorneys have remained busy.