April 01, 2021

Coverage of Virgil Montgomery’s Arrival at Venable

2 min

Virgil Montgomery’s arrival at Venable was covered by Law360 on April 1, 2021, Chicago Daily Law Bulletin on March 30, and Attorney at Law Magazinecitybiz, and General Counsel News on March 29.

Mr. Montgomery draws on a lifetime of experience in construction. His practice is divided between project development, procurement, project controls, project monitoring and evaluation, and dispute resolution through mediation, arbitration, and litigation. He has drafted and provided key assistance in the preparation of contracts ranging in value up to several billion dollars for construction projects on behalf of owners, contractors, energy, and infrastructure clients. He has advised clients during the development and negotiation phase and works closely with project participants to develop detailed evaluations of scope, bidding, and schedule issues. His vast experience includes projects involving major urban developments, light rail, transportation, breweries, selective catalytic reduction systems, flue gas desulfurization systems, nuclear facilities, heat recovery steam generators, alternative energy projects, sewage treatment facilities, steam and gas turbines, and other new and emerging technologies.

Commenting on his move to Venable, Mr. Montgomery said, “The platform offered by Venable is an ideal match for my and our group's practice areas and background as we transition into a more ‘normal’ world. As a group, we have worked on billions of dollars’ worth of construction projects over the years. Having physically worked on megaprojects in the past as a carpenter and millwright has made me sensitive to project issues, as I work to get to the right answer and not necessarily the easy answer. The range of services offered by Venable will make providing those answers easier and more efficient.”