June 23, 2021

Coverage of Hemu Nigam’s Arrival at Venable

2 min

Hemu Nigam’s arrival at Venable was covered by Reuters and Law360 on June 23, 2021, and Cyberwire, Bloomberg Law, and The Recorder on June 24. Mr. Nigam has nearly 25 years of experience in solving online security, privacy, and safety challenges facing corporations, start-ups, celebrities, and pro athletes, as well as government and law enforcement.

Mr. Nigam was previously the founder and chief executive officer of the cybersecurity and cyber intelligence firm Cyber Security Affairs, formerly known as SSP Blue. He is often retained by clients to provide counsel on cutting-edge online privacy and security issues. He has extensive experience conducting end-to-end cyber assessments and protection. Mr. Nigam served as a senior vice president and chief security officer for a leading mass media and publishing company, a social networking service, a television singing competition show, and a movie review site for film and television. While serving at the U.S. Department of Justice, he also was one of the country’s first online crimes prosecutors against hackers, human traffickers, and child predators.

When speaking to Reuters, Mr. Nigam touted Venable's dual cybersecurity offerings – the legal practice group and the firm's cybersecurity consulting division. "When you put those together, you get what I would consider to be a holistic approach to cybersecurity," he said. "And you can't win unless you take a holistic approach."

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