October 05, 2022

Coverage of the Arrival of Harley Geiger and Heather West at Venable

2 min

The arrival of Harley Geiger and Heather West at Venable was covered by Law360 on October 7, 2022, Attorney at Law Magazine on October 6, and CityBiz on October 5.

Mr. Geiger is a prominent cybersecurity policy expert with extensive experience counseling clients in the business, government, and nonprofit sectors. He assists clients with matters involving cybersecurity and privacy, including in the areas of data security, cyber incident reporting, vulnerability disclosure, digital trade issues, and regulatory compliance. His priority is providing clear, actionable legal guidance and advocating for workable public policy solutions to manage risks and help clients grow.

"Joining Venable's cybersecurity and privacy practice is an opportunity to work with a world class team to help multiple clients on an area of the law that is a major international priority," Mr. Geiger told Law360. "Cyberattacks continue to ramp up in frequency and severity and regulators are establishing requirements to strengthen the resilience of digital infrastructure. My goals are to help organizations manage cyber risks and navigate their cybersecurity and privacy regulatory developments."

Ms. West is a policy and tech translator, product consultant, and long-term internet strategist guiding the intersection of emerging technologies, culture, governments, and policy. Her areas of focus include data governance, data security, digital identity, and privacy in the digital age. Prior to joining Venable, she served as the director of the privacy policy team at one of the world's largest social technology companies, leading policy development around the company's work to develop privacy-protective product experiences, building policy frameworks that create accountability, and promoting privacy-protective decision making across the company.

"As technology becomes even more integrated into our lives, we're seeing the traditional conception of privacy and security expand, and these questions become table takes for responsible actors to protect their users and themselves," Ms. West told Law360. "I've always worked with companies that make products and services that I rely on — and I'm excited to continue to expand that work at Venable."