January 03, 2023

Law360 Quotes Jennifer Bruton on Firm Priorities for 2023

1 min

On January 3, 2023, Jennifer Bruton was quoted in Law360 on her priorities for Venable in 2023. According to the article, talent retention, business development, and creating a welcoming work culture in a hybrid environment are top of mind for Bruton.

“Listening to my colleagues and figuring out what we need” will be a priority, she said. The firm is now in hybrid mode and people have been coming in about three days a week. People are continuing to adjust to the new work environment, Bruton says. She added that she is focused on making the office a place where people want to go. Coming back in is “not just for the sake of getting back into the office,” she said. It means being available for more opportunities like mentoring, networking, and business development. “There’s a sense of community you have when you’re in the office that you don’t have when you’re far-flung,” she said. “So I want to keep working on that.”

Being the first woman to lead the firm’s Washington office, Bruton added that she wants to stay focused on recruiting and retaining women and diverse attorneys and ensuring they have opportunities to rise through the ranks.

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