April 18, 2023

Front Office Sports Today Podcast Features Larry Mandelker in an Interview on Wealth Planning for Professional Athletes

1 min

On April 18, 2023, Larry Mandelker was featured on Front Office Sports Today podcast, where he discussed wealth planning strategies for professional athletes. 

“An athlete’s main earning potential is going to be a certain number of years and it is going to hit them very early in life and it could be gone at any point. Their careers can be fleeting. They can have a devastating injury early on. In some sports, contracts aren’t even guaranteed, so what they think they are going to receive may not actually come to fruition. So, we've got to be mindful of the fact that what's coming in today may stop suddenly, and really look for the long term.  We have a tremendous opportunity through their God-given abilities, through their talent, and their hard work, but we must make sure that we can make a life for them out of this opportunity. It's a very consolidated time frame,” said Mandelker.  “We're using seeds today, but we're trying to make sure that they're going to build into trees tomorrow,” he said. 

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