May 26, 2023

Law360 Pulse Features Ked Whitmore on Venable’s Relocation in Tysons Corner

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On May 26, 2023, Law360 Pulse featured Ked Whitmore on Venable’s relocation in Tysons Corner.

Venable relocated its office in Tysons, Virginia, to 1850 Towers Crescent Plaza, a building just down the street, where it will occupy a 24,000-square-foot space on the building's fourth floor.

"We've got smaller offices overall, we've got a lot of great break and huddle rooms," Whitmore said. "We've got standing desks in every office, we've got a treadmill desk room, there's a wellness room for mothers and others who may need some privacy, and we've got a really refurbished, expanded common space ... that flows out into a really nice library."

Whitmore also noted that the new space had a "more homey feel" than the one at its old location.

"A lot of offices, I think, [are] skewed towards a really sterile look, and we've really endeavored to have a modern look, but with some of the warm touches that make an office feel comfortable," Whitmore said.

While Venable conducted an extensive search across Northern Virginia when deciding to leave its old space at 8010 Crescent Drive, Whitmore said, it ultimately chose to stay in Tysons because of Fairfax County's cemented status as an economic engine.

"There's quite a lot of product here, obviously of varying ages, but we really thought the 1850 building provided the best balance between convenience [and] the ability to pick a [floor plan] that allowed us to be on a single floor," Whitmore said.

He added it was also important to remain "in a location that we knew was easily accessible to all our folks, because again, we want to give people the opportunity and a reason to be back in the office."

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