July 26, 2023

Law360 Features Q&A with Elizabeth Manno on National Association of Women Lawyers’ Recent Report

1 min

On July 26, 2023, Elizabeth Manno was featured in a Q&A with Law360 regarding the report she co-authored, “Behind the Numbers: Feedback from Stakeholders” on behalf of the National Association of Women Lawyers’ listening tour. The report compiled interesting insights into the lived experiences of women lawyers and lawyers of color today. The following is an excerpt:

What were a few surprising things you learned through this experience that weren't picked up in previous surveys?

One big thing was getting the experience and insight from in-house counsel. Since we have been surveying law firms for so many years, this was our first time getting that direct input from in-house attorneys and the challenges they're facing, both in promoting diversity within their own organizations and within their outside counsel. That led to us choosing to survey in-house counsel for the 2023 survey. For a long time, at least anecdotally, there's been a thought that it's better for women and diverse lawyers in-house. So, we want to know, one, is that true? And, if so, what practices law firms can take from these organizations and implement.

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