Law360 Quotes Ellia Thompson on New Affordable Housing Bill in California

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On October 16, 2023, Ellia Thompson was quoted in Law360 on California legislation known as the “Yes in God's Backyard bill.” According to the article, affordable housing advocates have praised the bill for its potential to create affordable housing on land owned by religious institutions and nonprofit colleges.

"It's almost been a blanket prohibition, because often religious institutions are located in single-family zones, and you can't build multifamily there," said Thompson. “You had empty parking lots or playgrounds that were much larger than were needed, and there wasn't anything you could do with the land.”

“The legislation could be especially promising for developers who want to build housing for senior citizens because churches, synagogues and other religious entities often see this type of housing as a good way for residents to maintain their ties to communities,” Thompson explained. “Colleges looking to house more students with limited incomes adjacent to campuses may also find value in the bill.”

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