November 30, 2023 | IAM

IAM Profiles Justin Pierce as a Strategy 300 Global Leader for 2024

2 min

On November 30, 2023, Justin Pierce was profiled in IAM as a part of its 2024 cohort of Strategy 300 Global Leaders. Pierce answered several questions about his career at Venable and regarding his role as a leader of the firm’s IP practice.

Asked what inspiring leadership means to him, Pierce said that it “generally involves a blend of qualities that motivate and empower others to achieve a shared goal. Key elements of this include vision, integrity, a resilient and positive outlook, clear communication and adaptability.”

Within the context of a law firm’s IP practice, he continued, inspiring leadership “involves a combination of IP knowledge, a forward-thinking mindset, leadership and process management skills. Beyond being well-versed in IP law, one must understand the industries in which clients operate and the challenges and opportunities that they face in their business.”

Pierce said that to stay on top of developments in the vast array of industries in which his clients work, he “never stop[s] learning."

“I am an avid reader and regularly study, or ‘do homework,’ to keep up with changes, developments and major events in my clients’ industries,” he said. “Additionally, I often visit clients wherever they innovate, manufacture products or provide their services. This accelerates the learning process and provides engaged clients with immediate value.”

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