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Andrew E. Bigart and Jeffrey S. Tenenbaum were quoted in the CEO Update article "Policies, Education Key to Avoiding FTC Action" on February 6, 2015.

This article discusses how associations with antitrust enforcement can stay out of the FTC's crosshairs.

"The starting point is the development and implementation of an antitrust compliance policy that includes a statement of the association's commitment to comply and provide guidance to members and staff on how to comply," said Andrew Bigart.

"The nature of associations-with rotating volunteer board leaders who face competition in their livelihoods-makes ongoing awareness important," said Jeff Tenenbaum. "In the association world, and this applies in a lot of different legal areas (such as defamation), there's constant turnover at the board and staff level. There is a lack of fundamental knowledge in this area that can lead to trouble," Tenenbaum said.