May 23, 2006

Speaker and Volunteer Copyright and Trademark Issues for Associations

This event has already occurred.

Associations frequently rely on conference recordings and member-written contributions to their publications and website to increase non-dues revenue streams. Although members and conference speakers are sometimes eager to assist an association with content, a savvy association will understand the challenges that these contributions can cause. This teleconference addresses copyright and trademark issues that associations must understand when recording live events, using contributed material on the web, or sharing articles via email. Engage Jeff Tenenbaum, one of the nation's leading association lawyers, in a conversation your association can't afford to miss.

Questions which will be addressed include:

  • What do we need to know before we record a presentation at a conference?
  • Can we be held responsible for material recorded at a conference if it's wrong?
  • What type of releases do we need to get our speakers to sign before they are recorded?
  • What do we need to do to secure rights from members who provide us content for our online publications?
  • What rights do we have to use and distribute content that appears on the Web?
  • Does linking to a Web site present the same risks as cutting and pasting the same content?
  • Can our association be held liable for copyrighted material posted on our listserve by one of our members?
  • What is the Digital Millennium Copyright Act and what does it mean for our association?