March 02, 2010 - 9:00 AM ET

"Legal Aspects of Social Media" at the SociaLex Conference 2010

This event has already occurred.
University Club
1135 16th Street
Washington, DC 200036

Social Media exposes organizations to new risks, and makes traditional risks more volatile. The danger lies in the speed and breadth of repercussions from legal missteps, resulting in extremely short timelines for organizations to recover.

Organizations must confront the new social media environment; your clients are there, your staff are there, your competitors are there, and whether you really want to or not, your organization’s content and brand is increasing exposed over social media channels.

Learn how to identify, assess and manage your social media related legal risks by meeting with leading attorneys and risk management experts.

Registration to the event will give you access to the SociaLex community, networking with experts and other participants before and after the event. You will have privileged access to resource documents and advice as you navigate the legal hurdles and potential pitfalls of having more of your organizational content and activity exposed through social media.

This event is ideal for senior executives, risk management professionals and legal professionals that want to learn how to identify, assess and manage social media related legal risks.

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