June 07, 2010 - 8:45 AM - 11:45 AM ET

"LDA, HLOGA and FARA: Filings, Regulatory Changes and What the Laws Require" for American League of Lobbyists (ALL)

This event has already occurred.
Hall of States
444 North Capitol Street
Washington, DC

From bundling regulations (which recently tripped up several PACs), to gifts, events and communications, this program will cover how to avoid pitfalls in registering and filing the LD-1 form, as well as what information to provide on the quarterly LD-2 and semiannual LD-203 reports. Attendees will also learn how FARA regulations apply to lobbying on behalf of foreign government and political entities.

Guidance on how to:

  • Comply with reporting and documentation for LDA and FARA filings
  • Handle special situations, including when communications are exempt; how the House and Senate differ on gifts, events, and receptions; when honorary payments need to be reported; and when organizations are required to file FARA reports with the DOJ
  • Avoid House Clerk and Senate Secretary correction letters
  • Apply today's best "audit-proof" strategies in your dealings with legislative and executive branch government staff
  • Prepare your staff - and documentation systems -- for a GAO audit
  • Adjust policies and practices for recent regulations - including how new bundling regulations affect PACs and lobbyists


Caleb Burns, Wiley Rein
Ron Jacobs, Venable
Mark W. Ward, Ward & Lawless LLC
D. E. Wilson, Venable