October 28, 2010 - 4:00 PM

"Making the Grade: Redesigning Your Health Plan To Comply With Health Reform" webinar for National Business Officers Association (NBOA)

This event has already occurred.

The past few months, employers nationwide have been deluged with a flood of new regulations implementing health reform. In light of these new rules, we will discuss how health reform will affect the design of your school's health plan. Learn what planning opportunities—and challenges—are created by these new rules, and find out what steps you need to take in order to comply with all the new requirements. Topics to be discussed include:

  • Whether your plans can or should be "grandfathered" from health reform changes—and what factors you should consider in making that decision
  • Key coverage rules, including coverage of adult children & limitations on pre-existing condition exclusions
  • Key benefit rules, including limits on annual and lifetime maximums, and preventive care rules
  • Important changes in how benefit claims and appeals must be processed
  • Other important developments affecting plan design for 2011, such as the mental health parity rules

For registration and more information, visit the NBOA website.