September 27, 2011 - 2:00 PM - 3:15 PM ET

Association of Corporate Counsel Webcast: "Protecting and Licensing Nonprofit Trademarks: Key Trademark and Tax Law Issues"

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Association of Corporate Counsel
Nonprofit Organizations Committee

Nonprofits regularly engage in the licensing of their trademarks -- names, logos and the like -- to others, be it endorsed vendors, cause-related marketers, chapters and affiliates, members, fundraising consultants, and countless other individuals and entities. Yet many nonprofit executives and counsel do not fully appreciate the often counter-intuitive intricacies and nuances of trademark law, as well as the pitfalls that abound for failing to proactively address them. From clearing marks, to registering them, to managing, licensing and enforcing them -- both domestically and internationally -- there is an abundance of knowledge and know-how to digest. Similarly, from the tax-exemption perspective, the traps that can arise are plentiful, and the rules in this area are complex. Even distinguishing endorsment revenue from cause-related marketing, acknowledgments from advertising in the corporate sponsorship arena, and professional fundraiser registration from commercial co-venture requirements, can be difficult and confusing.

Join the seasoned trademark and nonprofit tax attorneys from the Venable law firm as they walk you through the essentials in these areas, highlight common traps and pitfalls, and, most importantly for you, give you the thoughtful, practical, real-life guidance and tips that you need to know to protect your nonprofit and its brand both in the U.S. and overseas, optimize and capitalize on your trademark portfolio, maximize tax-free revenue, and protect your organization's tax-exempt status.


George Constantine
Andrew Price

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