February 28, 2012

"The Regulatory Practitioner," Keynote Address to the Penn Program on Regulation, University of Pennsylvania Law School

This event has already occurred.

John Cooney served as the inaugural Keynote Speaker at the first annual Regulation Dinner hosted by the Penn Program on Regulation at the University of Pennsylvania Law School, under the direction of Professor Cary Coglianese.  The dinner marked the transfer of leadership to second year students of the editorial board of Reg Blog, a highly popular influential blog on Regulatory law published by Penn students.  The departing editors included future Venable associate Jean Yin, who will join the firm in October.

John’s presentation addressed the role of the regulatory practitioner in representing clients and pursuing intelligent public policy decisions before regulatory agencies and federal courts.  The speech emphasized issues involving the powers of the President that arose when John served in the Office of Management and Budget and collaborated with Penn Law School Dean Michael Fitts, who then worked at the Office of Legal Counsel in the Department of Justice.