March 01, 2012 - 12:00 PM ET

Legal Quick Hit: "E-Discovery Concerns Associated with Using Cloud Computing Data Storage," for the IT, Privacy and E-Commerce Committee of the Association of Corporate Counsel

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In litigation matters, you are responsible for any relevant data that is in your "care, custody or control." But what happens when that data is stored in "The Cloud"? Traditional notions of ownership and control no longer apply in the same manner as they have for physical goods, such as paper documents. What happens to your data - and your obligation to a court or regulator - when that provider will no longer access "your" data because they have terminated your account for non-payment or alleged misuse? What if your provider needs three weeks to collect your data, but you have to respond within three days?

Venable’s March Quickhit will cover:

  • the basic framework of regulatory and compliance issues that you need to know when you entrust your data with a third party;
  • questions to ask and contract terms to consider when you are entering into a "cloud" agreement; and
  • different types of cloud models to consider that might fit your needs.

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