March 13, 2012 - 3:00 PM ET

Legal Quick Hit: "Managing Records and Electronic Information: How to Protect Your Nonprofit and Not Drive Yourself Crazy" for the Association of Corporate Counsel's Nonprofit Organizations Committee

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So you have put together a records and information management (“RIM”) policy and checked the box on your IRS Form 990 – now what?  Is the policy actually working?  Is the policy understood and followed throughout your organization?  Does the policy “fit” your organization, its culture, and its level of resources?   Does the organization store records in the cloud, and, if so, how does that affect the organization’s policy?  How can you make your RIM policy a robust part of your organization without driving yourself and your employees crazy?

Speakers Warren Hamel and Vicki Danta have advised many of Venable’s nonprofit clients on RIM policies and questions, and will address managing your organization’s records and electronically-stored information in a practical, efficient and, if at all possible, fun and exciting manner!

W. Warren Hamel, Esq., Partner and Co-Chair, SEC-White Collar Crime Practice, Venable LLP
Victoria R. Danta, Esq., Associate, Venable LLP

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