June 12, 2012

"Hydraulic Fracturing: Litigation, Enforcement and Regulatory Developments," Strafford webinar

This event has already occurred.

Shale gas production developments continue to rock the energy industry with estimates that 46% of all U.S. oil and gas mergers and acquisitions in the third quarter of 2011—$22.6 billion worth—were related to shale gas.

Big production increases and concerns by environmentalists have prompted responses by state and federal regulators. Now, the EPA has issued the first federal air standards for hydraulically fractured natural gas wells.

Implementing shale gas operations and procedures entails potential litigation challenges that counsel must understand and anticipate. Lease negotiations involve issues of royalty fees and environmental indemnification.

This panel will examine the new EPA air standards affecting shale gas production in addition to other legislative and regulatory developments, and outline best practices for addressing legal challenges in lease negotiations and environmental issues.