June 19, 2012 - 1:00 PM - 2:00 PM ET

"The Next Generation of Nonprofit Executive Compensation: The Keys to Withstanding IRS Scrutiny" for GuideStar

This event has already occurred.

Update:  This event has already occurred. Please click here for an audio recording of the program, and click here for presentation slides.

Few issues facing nonprofit organizations these days are as prominent as executive compensation. In the last year, the Internal Revenue Service has repeatedly stated in speeches, publications, and its 2011 annual work plan that executive compensation is an area of keen focus with tax-exempt organizations. In addition to IRS scrutiny, with the ever-increasing public nature of the Form 990, nonprofits are subject to intense public and media scrutiny as well. Of even greater concern are the consequences of providing executives with excessive compensation or benefits, which can include revocation of tax-exempt status and substantial monetary penalties on the executives and insiders who receive (and approve) excess benefit transactions. But providing too little compensation may not attract the level of talent and experience that an organization needs to grow to its full potential and effectively carry out its tax-exempt purposes.

Join us for an interactive discussion to learn more about the following:

  • the risks of both over- and under-compensating executives;
  • how best to advise the board and management;
  • how to comply with regulatory requirements;
  • private inurement and intermediate sanctions;
  • the potential penalties for violations; and
  • where and how to effectively focus your efforts.

This webinar will give you practical tips and suggestions to help keep your nonprofit – and its executives – out of hot water with the IRS and others.

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