May 20, 2013 - ET

"Keeping Your Website Out of Legal Hot Water" for Nonprofit Spark Radio

This event has already occurred.
Radio Show

Update: This event has already occurred.  Please click here for an audio recording of the program, and visit our Venable LLP Nonprofit YouTube channel to listen to and view all of our the recorded webinars on nonprofit legal topics.

In a radio interview with Nonprofit Spark, Jeff Tenenbaum and A.J. Zottola spoke about how to make sure your website stays out of legal hot water. Mr. Zottola handles all types of negotiations involving intellectual property, privacy, trademark and copyright.
On the show, he discussed who owns the content on your site, some basics about copyright, licensing, and trademark laws, and how to be conscientious about protecting your work and the work of others. It is not true that if you find something on the web, you’re free to use it however you want. This was a fast-paced, insightful show for website novices and longtime website editors.