June 03, 2015 - ET

"Legality of Data and the Self-Driving Vehicle" at the TU-Automotive 2015 Detroit Conference

This event has already occurred.
Suburban Collection Showplace
46100 Grand River Avenue
Novi, MI 48374

It's the elephant in the room; whilst aspiring to design technology that saves lives - the path will not be perfect. Confront the tough legal issues that will define the future of automotive innovation.

  • Where does the buck stop; automaker, component manufacturer, standard maker? Maybe the organization in question is no longer operational. Tackle the liability minefield
  • The modification conundrum. Can an OEM be at fault if a vehicle that was certified at the point of production is subject to third party aftermarket changes?!
  • Judge Dead! With autonomy emerging from the realm of science fiction, how can a non-technical and possibly an aging judiciary correctly assimilate data into apportioning blame?

David L. Strickland, Partner, Venable LLP
Bryant Walker Smith, Assistant Professor, University of South Carolina School of Law

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