September 15, 2015 - 2:00 PM ET

"Getting it Right: What You Need to Know about Nonprofit Executive Compensation," a Free GuideStar Webinar

This event has already occurred.

What You Need to Know about Nonprofit Executive Compensation

Update: This event has already occurred. Please click above to listen to and view the recorded webinar, click here to view presentation materials from the event, and visit our Venable LLP Nonprofit YouTube channel to listen to and view all of our recorded webinars on nonprofit legal topics.

Paying your executives too much can have negative consequences: public anger, loss of tax-exempt status, substantial fines on both the executives who receive the overpayment and the board members who approved it, attention from state attorneys general, and criticism from those who oppose your organization's mission.

Underpaying your executives has risks too. It can cause valuable employees to leave for greener pastures and make it difficult to attract the best candidates to lead your organization.

What's a nonprofit to do?

Join us on September 15 to find out. Some of the country's leading professionals in nonprofit executive compensation will walk you through the top 10 current traps and trends in this area. This interactive discussion will address these and other issues:

  • The risks of both over- and under-compensating nonprofit executives
  • Effective governance models in compensation determination
  • Strategies for advising the board and management and the role of outside advisers
  • How to comply with federal and state regulatory requirements
  • The role of compensation studies and comparability analyses
  • Common pitfalls and best practices in compensation benchmarking
  • Combining the executive search process with compensation determinations
  • Various ways to address compensation in the executive employment contract
  • How best to present compensation information in audited financial statements and the IRS Form 990
  • Private inurement and intermediate sanctions
  • Incentive compensation—examples, how to structure, and what types of provisions will generally increase the risk of IRS scrutiny
  • The appropriate treatment of certain employee benefits as taxable income
  • Where and how to effectively focus your organization’s efforts in this area

Matthew T. Journy, Esq., Counsel, Nonprofit Organizations Practice, Venable LLP
Cody Cassady, Marketing & Outreach Coordinator, GuideStar USA, Inc. (moderator)