May 06, 2017 - PT

"AR/VR 101: Where We're at and How We're Building the Future" at the TiEcon 2017 Conference

This event has already occurred.

Kimberly Culp participated on the panel "AR/VR 101: Where we're at and how we're building the future" alongside Pixelbug, Nod Labs, and Matterport, Inc. at this year's TiEcon 2017 conference in Silicon Valley. The panelists discussed different ways companies are using AR and VR currently and their ideas on where we’ll see it more widely used in the future.

TiEcon is a technology conference focused on fostering entrepreneurship. This year it focused on the leading areas of innovation including machine learning, IoT, FinTech, security, autonomous vehicles, virtual reality, software defined infrastructure, drones, and digital health.