June 05, 2019

Want to Command a Room or Close a Deal? Body Language Can Help

This event has already occurred.

What do hostage negotiators, TV’s Mister Rogers, company leaders, and Michelle Obama have in common? They are all extremely fluent in the art of body language, a vital skill that can be effective in negotiating complex multi-million dollar deals or luring a stubborn teen away from their phone. On Wednesday night, Women Attorneys at Venable (WAVe) hosted an event featuring Janine Driver, founder of the Body Language Institute. The interactive program, one of WAVe’s ongoing opportunities for career development, explored the impact of non-verbal cues when communicating as peers and professionals. As Driver explained, body language is expressed about five seconds before speech, a long enough delay to lose that deal or to give your screen-obsessed kid an out if you’re not mindful of your movements.