July 22, 2020 - EST

Cannabis, Hemp, and the Legal Status of Products Containing Cannabidiol (CBD)

This event has already occurred.

Venable partner Todd Harrison will present “Cannabis, Hemp, and the Legal Status of Products Containing Cannabidiol (CBD)” at the Controlled Substances – Regulation, Litigation, and Enforcement conference to be hosted by ACI on July 22, 2020. Topics will include:

  • Analyzing the recent scheduling change of CBD in the wake of the DEA’s schedule I classification of the epilepsy medication Epidiolex
  • Reviewing the status of hemp, marijuana, and other cannabinoids under current federal law
  • Distinguishing “hemp-derived” from “marijuana-derived”
  • Navigating the legal pathways for bringing cannabinoids to market
  • Considering the evolving development of state cannabis laws
  • Understanding the emergence of cannabidiol and its future in the controlled substance arena
  • Complying with state storage and record-keeping laws

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