February 24, 2023 - 10:00 AM ET


Campaign Finance: Contribution Limits, Disclosure, and Other Compliance Considerations for Political and Philanthropic Giving

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Political contributions are a powerful way to support candidates and issues impacting society. But the simple act of making a political donation can at times expose clients to a variety of risks, including civil and criminal liability, administrative enforcement proceedings, loss of business, unwanted attention, and reputational harm. This program will explore the complex web of federal and state laws that that may apply when individuals, businesses, and organizations deploy their financial resources to influence elections.

Learning Objectives

  • Review how federal, state, and local campaign finance and government ethics laws apply to political giving
  • Understand the types of contributions subject to regulation
  • Discuss areas of high risk for legal and reputational damage to donors 
  • Identify best compliance practices to avoid becoming the target of an investigation