April 04, 2023 - ET

American Society of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene (ASTMH)

Recognizing Threats to Progress in Malaria as Opportunities

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Jodie Curtis spoke at the American Society of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene's Magill Symposium, “Recognizing Threats to Progress in Malaria as Opportunities.” The symposium convenes key stakeholders in the malaria research community to discuss how opportunities for innovation continue amid the challenging broader global health environment and how those threats and opportunities may impact future malaria control efforts.

Jodie spoke on a panel with Dr. David Walton, U.S. Global Malaria Coordinator, President's Malaria Initiative, and Dr. Peter McElroy, Chief of the Malaria Branch, CDC. Her remarks addressed the threats and opportunities of U.S. government funding for innovation in the fight against malaria.

Other symposium speakers included Dr. Regina Rabinovich, 2018 ASTMH President and ExxonMobil Malaria Scholar in Residence, Harvard University; Dr. Fitsum Girma Tadesse, 2022 Alan J. Magill Fellowship Recipient and Lead Scientist, Armauer Hansen Research Institute; Dr. Luis Gonzalez, Global Director of Medical and Scientific Affairs, Abbott Rapid Diagnostics; and Dr. Miriam Laufer, Professor of Pediatrics and Associate Director of Malaria Research, University of Maryland School of Medicine.