August 11, 2023 - PT


The Hackers, the Lawyers, and the Defense Fund

This event has already occurred.
Las Vegas, NV

Venable counsel Harley Geiger will present “The Hackers, the Lawyers, and the Defense Fund” at DEF CON 31 on August 11, 2023.

The hacker community has long conducted important security research that skirts the edge of legality. This has led to charges and lawsuits, bogus and serious alike, against hackers. This panel will feature a hacker that faced legal challenges, describe what legal counseling for hackers looks like in practice, and discuss a new resource for the hacker community: the Security Research Legal Defense Fund.

What is it like, as a hacker, to face legal threats? What are the common ways hackers encounter legal threats? When that happens, what should hackers do? What is it really like to provide legal representation to hackers? Are there areas of the world with greater or lesser access to legal rights and representation? What resources can hackers leverage to protect themselves, their rights, and others in the community? Join this panel to find out.

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