October 1998

Workplace Labor Update - Man-Bites-Dog Story – October 1998

2 min

Once upon a time not so long ago, the labor union which represents the hundreds of regional (field) attorneys and support personnel of the National Labor Relations Board throughout the United States distributed the following news bulletin at their locations:


The National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) — the Agency which is supposed to protect the rights of employees, employers and unions— is now acting in complete disregard for the rights of its own employees.

The NLRB Union, which represents all NLRB field employees, has been negotiating with Agency management in an effort to reach agreement on a new contract.

The NLRB has adamantly opposed any improved working conditions for its employees and has instead continuously sought to take away benefits contained in our current agreement. Illustrative of the Agency's bargaining stance is its ongoing refusal to agree to such commonly accepted principles as seniority, just cause for discipline or discharge, and increased job opportunities for its own minority and female employees.

The NLRB has already been found to have committed numerous unfair labor practices in violation of its employees' rights. The Federal Labor Relations Authority, another government agency, is presently prosecuting the NLRB in several other cases.

The employees of the NLRB will no longer tolerate the Agency engaging in tactics which the NLRB itself was established to discourage.

Please join us in demanding that the NLRB treat its employees in the same lawful manner that it requires of other employers...