October 2011

A Collection of Venable's Nonprofit Legal Articles and Presentations from the Third Quarter of 2011

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As we have done previously (e.g., click here for our second quarter 2011 Alert), Venable's Nonprofit Organizations Practice Group will share the best of the nonprofit legal articles and PowerPoint presentations (and, for our in-house seminars/webinars, recordings of presentations) published or delivered by our attorneys. Our group has put together some very interesting, useful materials that should be of help to your organization as you tackle the always-challenging array of legal issues facing nonprofits.

To read any of these articles, alerts, handouts or PowerPoint presentations, please click on the title.

Nonprofit Strategic Partnerships: Building Successful Ones and Avoiding the Legal Traps (Recording Available)

Protecting and Licensing Nonprofit Trademarks: Key Trademark and Tax Law Issues

Preventative Planning: Avoiding Common Legal Pitfalls in Hotel, Convention Center and Meetings Contracts

Steering Clear of the Most Common Legal Hazards in Hotel, Convention Center and Meeting Contracts

"Does Twitter Content Require Permission to Use?"

Playing by the Rules: A Fresh Look at Corporate Sponsorship & Affinity Program Income

Lobbying: What Does It Mean for Nonprofits?

Playing Politics: A Menu of Options for Associations to Consider

Telecommuting Employees: How Nonprofits Can Avoid the Legal Pitfalls (Recording Available)

New Guidance for Nonprofits Regarding Social Media Policies and Punishment

Nonprofit Executive Compensation: Avoiding the Treacherous Tax and Governance Pitfalls (Recording Available)

Contracting for Housing Services

Nonprofit Partnerships: A Guide to the Key Legal Issues and Pitfalls

Avoiding Legal Pitfalls in Cause-Related Marketing

Focus on Misclassification: Are Your Nonprofit’s Workers “Employees,” “Volunteers,” or “Contractors?”

Nonprofits Beware: Your Employees' Blogs, Facebook Posts, and Twitter Tweets May Be Protected by the National Labor Relations Act

Cyberspace Risk: The Top Legal Traps for Associations

Preventing Embezzlement and Fraud at Nonprofits: What You Can Do To Protect Your Organization

Could Your Nonprofit’s Chapters Be Considered “Franchises” under State Law?

HUD Issues SAFE Act Final Rule: Implications for Housing Counseling Agencies and Other Nonprofit Organizations

A Nonprofit’s Guide to Properly Characterizing Workers as Employees, Interns and Volunteers

Related Foundations of Associations: Top Five Legal and Tax Pitfalls to Avoid

Top Ten Compensable Time Quandaries for Nonprofits

Understanding Compensable Time Issues for Nonprofits under the Fair Labor Standards Act (Recording Available)