September 2017

FDA and FTC coordinate on dietary supplements, digital health laws companies should know, and more in this issue of Business News Digest

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Venable attorneys produce periodic alerts and newsletters covering a variety of topics and practice areas. For your convenience, we have assembled below a collection of the latest alerts and newsletters from August 2017.

dietary supplements

FDA and FTC Send Important Signal to Dietary Supplement Industry

Federal government agencies don't always play well together in the sandbox. To use another clichéd metaphor, battles are more the norm than the exception when it comes to enforcement turf. So whenever enforcement agencies signal to an industry that they are coordinating their efforts, that industry needs to pay attention.

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Digital Health Law: What Digital Health Companies Need to Keep in Mind

The fast-growing field of digital health is transforming healthcare by bringing together digital communications technology, electronic health information, electronic prescribing, connected medical devices, and telehealth. These technologies are being deployed by healthcare entities ranging from small health tech startups to large, established hospital systems, medical device companies, and other traditional healthcare companies. Telehealth systems are already in use for applications as varied as direct-to-consumer urgent care and remote provider-to-provider consultations for treatment of complex conditions such as strokes or rare genetic diseases. With these exciting new developments comes a new set of regulatory challenges and concerns for companies in the space. This alert provides a brief overview of some of the laws and regulations that may apply to health companies engaging in digital health.

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financial markets

Fund Forum | August 2017

This issue of Venable's Fund Forum (1) reviews the SEC's recent report on initial coin offerings and the federal securities laws; (2) discusses the New York State Attorney General's recent lawsuit against a Queens-based investment adviser; (3) summarizes a Tax Court decision regarding a long-standing IRS approach to taxing gain and loss on disposition of partnership interests; and (4) discusses recent efforts to legalize medical marijuana in the workplace.

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A challenge to CFPB's arbitration rule, the FTC pursues credit card launderers, and more in the August 18, 2017 issue of Consumer Financial Services Practice Digest

Accommodating Medical Marijuana in the DC Metro Area

Countering America's Adversaries Through Sanctions Act

Does Title VII Cover Sexual Orientation? The Federal Government Disagrees—With Itself

FDA Launches Action Plan for Digital Health Regulation

Government Shutdown and Sequestration: What Federal Contractors Need to Know

Management and Oversight Shift: Portions of New York DFS Cybersecurity Rules Now in Effect

North Korea Sanctions Expand as OFAC Designates More Third-Country Nationals

White House Signals Increased Scrutiny of Harmful Chinese IP Policies and Practices