February 08, 2018 | Law360

IP For AI: How Cos. Can Protect Artificial Intelligence Tech

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"IP For AI: How Cos. Can Protect Artificial Intelligence Tech" by Venable counsel, Andrew MacArthur, was published in Law360 on February 8, 2018. The article discusses artificial intelligence's impact on intellectual property litigation. Here is an excerpt from the article:

AI technology can rapidly change, but a company's IP strategy should move with it to capture the growth or business goals at each iteration. Otherwise, an outsider could question the true value of the AI technology or worse, a competitor could develop similar technology with accompanying IP. This article explores questions that arise when developing AI technology without an IP safety net along with practical implications in navigating this complex terrain. But there are many other IP questions, such as who is an author or inventor of an asset created by AI (a machine), that should also be confronted in developing and launching an AI solution.