December 08, 2020

International Trade Webinar Recap

2 min

As the executive branch traditionally takes the lead in trade policy, Joe Biden’s election victory is likely to bring about a significant change in strategy, with important implications for 2021 and beyond. In this webinar, members of our International Trade and Legislative teams provided an in-depth analysis of the changes the Biden administration may usher in, including several consequential trade post appointments, from NEC and NSC directors to USTR and secretary of commerce; potential changes in leadership to key congressional committees; and what the incoming administration may be able to achieve in its first 100 days regarding critical issues such as COVID-19 response, immigration, climate change, and voting rights.

Among other key topics discussed were U.S. relations with China and the probability of increased efforts to keep China in check through building multilateral ties with allies. The group also addressed national security controls, including strengthening export control regulations on high-profile items and re-shoring (or near-shoring) supply chains for critical products through a coordinated effort; fostering closer trade relations with geopolitical allies, with a focus on strengthening labor and environmental protections in new trade deals; working with the World Trade Organization to implement reforms and to impose trade rules on China; and the likely return to more traditional diplomacy in our dealings with overseas trade partners.

You can watch the full webinar here. To learn more about our international trade practice, please click here.