February 17, 2022

Labor and Employment Newsletter

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The Advantages of Using Legal Counsel in HR Matters

Besides receiving what is hoped to be sound and constructive advice, the use of legal counsel by human resources (HR) departments and in-house counsel on HR matters may have the additional benefit of protecting sensitive, and potentially damaging, information from disclosure under the rules of attorney-client privilege and the attorney work product doctrine. While these rules are well known, they are often misunderstood and can often be complex, given the facts or legal context. This article discusses these rules and how employers can use legal counsel to their advantage for employment disputes and issues and to protect themselves from unnecessary litigation.

California's Pregnancy-Related Leaves and Accommodations, Explained

California law provides various leaves and accommodations to pregnant employees, and to employees who have recently had babies and are breastfeeding or expressing milk. The requirements of each law and interactions with other state and federal laws can feel like a confusing puzzle that may leave employers scratching their heads. This summary is aimed at providing some clarity to employers regarding rights that are afforded to pregnant employees and employees who recently gave birth, so that employers may avoid common pitfalls.

Education Roundup: Under (Digital) Lock and Key: Best Practices for Protecting Data and Information in Independent Schools

Independent schools hold a significant amount of data. Information regularly collected by schools includes Social Security numbers, financial aid information, student medical information, and donor information. To ensure that they are doing their due diligence to protect all such information, schools should consider understanding whether and the extent to which any legal obligations apply and take practical measures to protect such information.

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Attorney Spotlight

Grace LeeGrace Lee: I am passionate about the Independent School Practice at Venable because of the relationships I have built over the years with clients. I have dedicated my career to helping independent schools navigate an ever-changing legal landscape and work through problems while staying true to their mission and culture. It's a privilege to be a trusted advisor and provide real-time advice during challenging times.

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