June 13, 2024 | The NonProfit Times

5 Considerations When a Bequest Is Challenged

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On June 13, 2024, Kevin Weigand published, “5 Considerations When a Bequest Is Challenged” in The NonProfit Times. The following is an excerpt:

You’ve just learned that one of your largest donors has passed away and left a sizeable portion of her estate to your organization. The bequest will be transformational. Budgetary concerns will ease, and the organization will be in a better position to fulfill its mission on a wider scale.

And then you are served with a lawsuit. Your donor’s daughter is unhappy because the inheritance she expected is leaving the family and going to charity. The daughter is further insulted because she helped take care of her mother during the final months of her life, and there was no way her mother would have wanted others – strangers — to get more than her own family.

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