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Michael Blume and Todd Harrison were featured in Natural Products Insider's podcast on January 3, 2018, about the regulatory hurdles facing cannabidiol (CBD) producers and marketers in the dietary supplement industry, and ongoing efforts to comply with federal regulations. In remarks to the interviewer, Harrison commented, "If the FDA takes enforcement actions, they could receive letters from members of Congress who represent GW Pharma. GW Pharma may be waiting for drug approval prior to marketing. This is not about marijuana; this is about a constituent."

Blume added, "There is not necessarily going to be a one-to-one correlation about what the federal government says is lawful and the enforcement actions taken."

Harrison also added, "If companies get their drug on the market legally before the [FDA] approval comes in, then it cannot be precluded."

Products like Epidiolex are waiting on the FDA to make a decision about their future and scope in the marketplace.