Advertising and Sponsorships for Nonprofits

Advertising, sponsorships and partnerships for nonprofits.

Nonprofit organizations can benefit greatly from the market awareness generated from targeted sponsorships, partnerships and co-ventures. Whether it consists of a partnership with an entertainer or athlete who supports their cause, or a unique branding campaign with a national advertiser, such initiatives can help drive fundraising and articulate the organization's mission to a broader audience than might otherwise be available.

Venable operates at this intersection of nonprofits, advertisers and the entertainment industry by facilitating key introductions between nonprofits and athletes, celebrities and local and national brands, and by providing the comprehensive legal and tax counsel needed to get the deal done.

Our attorneys provide advice to nonprofits across a wide range of matters in this area, including:

  • branding relationships and opportunities;
  • sponsorships and placements;
  • co-ventures/productions;
  • alternative marketing and distribution strategies for entertainment properties; and
  • creative solutions for public policy challenges.