Construction Law: Design-Build

Venable's industry-dedicated attorneys are a rarity – they are legal professionals who truly understand and have direct experience managing the growing use of design-build contracts, as well as their inherent issues and opportunities.

From counseling municipalities on major infrastructure projects to representing design-builders and owners in single-family residential renovation projects, our group has the knowledge and experience needed to navigate any related legal matter. We focus on what matters to our clients – delivering projects on time and on budget, with appropriate apportionment of risk, coordination between team members, and accountability. In this endeavor, the group provides guidance on risk management, including clarification on how risk allocation in design-build projects differs from that in more traditional constructions. We also work with the team members behind the scenes to identify the business and legal issues that they need to resolve between themselves in order to draft and negotiate a teaming agreement.

As established thought leaders in the field, our attorneys provide comprehensive counsel on the advantages of integrated project delivery for the owner, architect, and contractor; on the potential benefits of using an architect-led design-build business model; and on creating and establishing a feasible, profitable, and rewarding business structure.

Furthermore, with members of our team having developed a new business structure for design-build projects in which the design professional leads the design-build team, we are leaders in approaching design-build from a theoretical standpoint. Regardless of the project size, our group is adept at helping clients streamline project delivery through a single contract between the project owner and a unified team providing design and construction services.