Healthcare: Corporate Practice and Fee-Splitting Prohibitions

We recognize that the intricate rules and regulations regarding the ability of a layperson to control the professional activities of a licensee can present serious challenges to businesses. Our team sorts through these prohibitions so clients understand how to structure their businesses and avoid violations.

Venable's healthcare attorneys have a deep understanding of how issues related to the prohibitions on the corporate practice of a profession and professional fee splitting can shape a business and the management of professional services organizations.

Acutely aware that these prohibitions have been vigorously enforced in the healthcare professions in many states, we advise investors, management and administrative services organizations, professional practices, hospitals and health systems, payers, and other healthcare industry clients on how to structure business operations and relationships to comply and avoid violations.

Our dedicated team also advises third parties, such as debt providers, on how the prohibitions may affect the operations of a business and the securitization of collateral. Venable attorneys have authored significant national publications on these prohibitions, how they affect the professional business of healthcare, and how to comply appropriately.