Just as you are, we’re investing time and resources to position ourselves at the forefront of nanotechnology. We’re helping universities, research centers, and start-up companies make the most of what they’ve discovered. The benefit we provide now is protecting technology for future use by its inventors. But their patent portfolios are already attracting the interest of investors—proving that IP rights are also a powerful tool for raising capital.

From the Lab Bench to the Marketplace — the right resources at every step along the way

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How Do You Choose a Law Firm to Protect Your Nanotechnology?

What you need now is patent protection. That’s a Venable forte. We’ve obtained thousands of patents of many types.

Our team includes leaders in the physical, biological, chemical, and material sciences who have prepared applications related to nanobiology, nanomaterials, nanoelectronics, nanophotonics, nanotubes, nanowires, nanoparticles, quantum dots, fullerenes, nanoemulsions, graphenes, and nanomachines. Moreover, we’re in Washington, DC and enjoy close proximity to the USPTO.

But think long-term. With billions invested in nanotechnology, there are sure to be battles waged about which claims have priority. Your competitors may think they have potential claims of infringement. You may need litigation counsel—like the 25 attorneys at Venable who are seasoned patent litigators.

You may also need help overcoming regulatory hurdles at the FDA, EPA, or other federal agencies where Venable attorneys were once regulators themselves. Not to mention our connections with venture capital firms and other financing sources, and our track record in launching successful start-up ventures—all good things to have in the firm that’s also helping you manage your patent portfolio.

Practice Focus

  • Licensing and commercialization
  • Patent prosecution
  • Strategic IP management
  • Technology protection and dispute resolution


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