Pharmaceuticals - Patent Prosecution

Our patent prosecution group includes over 30 registered patent attorneys and patent agents, with half of them covering technologies relevant to the pharmaceutical industry, including bioinformatics and medical devices. These attorneys have technical and/or scientific degrees in areas such as biochemistry, molecular biology, zoology, genetics, cell biology, biophysics, biotechnology, neurobiology and organic chemistry. Seven members of the group have Ph.D.’s and another ten hold master’s degrees.

Our attorneys have conducted advanced hands-on research at the National Institutes of Health or under federal grants in immunology, protein biochemistry, cellular transport, enzyme kinetics, cardiovascular diseases and lipoprotein metabolism, cell-based neurotrophic factors, bioinformatics (genetic mapping), neural induction, protein-DNA interactions, photochemistry and organic synthesis.

Our Patent Prosecution attorneys' experience spans a broad range of technological areas, including:

  • immunology, enzymology, endocrinology and virology;
  • recombinant DNA biochemistry;
  • human and animal biotechnology such as cloning and gene therapy;
  • plant biotechnology and agricultural products;
  • medical devices;
  • biochips and other biotechnology instrumentation;
  • pharmaceuticals, vaccines and cosmetics;
  • alloys;
  • polymer science;
  • organic chemical synthesis; and
  • inorganic chemical manufacturing.