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Hear From Our Venable Blue Team

Interested in joining our talented team? Hear from our professionals about why they enjoy working for Venable Blue.

Louis Jin, Lead Analyst

How would you describe the team environment at Venable Blue?

“Joining Venable Blue is a nimble, detail-oriented, and hard-working group that prioritizes collaboration (internally and with our clients) to deliver high quality and impactful solutions.”


Tianna White, Privacy Program and Policy Analyst

Tianna WhiteWhat do you enjoy most about working at Venable Blue?

“Venable Blue transcends traditional consulting structures; it empowers me to take on the work that I am most passionate about and grow within every project I take on.”


Jaymi Thibault, Privacy Program and Policy Analyst

How have you grown professionally since joining?

“A few months after joining, I had the chance to lead my first project. This experience helped me become a leader capable of effective communication with both colleagues and clients, while also approaching challenges with confidence.”


Nora Grundy, Senior Privacy Program and Policy Analyst

How have you grown professionally since joining?

“Since joining the team, my new agility has allowed me to adapt to evolving opportunities and refine my problem-solving strategies. My knowledge of security and privacy practices has expanded significantly, enabling me to navigate topic areas and issues with greater confidence. While doing so, I have had the privilege of having a team of professionals by my side who consistently bring their best to the client, as we push each other to excel and contribute at the highest level.”


Michael Huang, Privacy Program and Policy Analyst

What are your career aspirations, and how do you see your work at Venable Blue contributing to these goals?

“I want to grow into a management position one day that oversees business analytics work. My current experiences at Venable Blue contribute to my career goals by honing my data analysis skills and teaching me how to run and take ownership of my own projects.”

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Hayley W. Osti
Manager, Recruiting and Program Support