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Venable Blue helps companies protect their reputation and manage risk online by building, operationalizing, and deploying integrated programs and systems. We also manage escalations in all areas of business, including regulatory, compliance, content, child safety, human rights, and privacy online, and manage regulator-mandated assessments.

Our team of seasoned analysts provides end-to-end personalized guidance in online safety, security, privacy, human rights, intelligence, and crisis management to turn a crisis into an opportunity, to help protect the client’s data and reputation, and to meet their policy obligations.

From Fortune 500 companies, including global tech companies, to family offices and high-net-worth individuals, our clients range in size and complexity, and Venable Blue is equipped to provide strategic, tactical, and actionable guidance and embedded operational management.

Whether our clients are tackling a cutting-edge issue, operationalizing regulatory enforcement order requirements, conducting human rights assessments, or looking to identify actionable intelligence, Venable Blue provides contextual solutions with speed and efficiency.

We combine the resources and expertise of a full-service law firm that includes an award-winning privacy and security practice, with the practical knowledge and experience of high-capacity analysts from top tech firms, government agencies, the armed services, and leading Fortune 100-500 companies.

Escalations Management

We build and manage the programs, policies, and operational models essential for effectively responding to time-bound and sensitive media and regulatory inquiries. By driving coordination across policy, legal, product, regulatory, and enforcement stakeholders, we ensure the current escalation is managed while tackling endemic and systemic problems to prevent future ones.

Build/Manage Program

We develop the process, program, and runbooks that allow for time-sensitive media and regulatory inquiries to be addressed in an effective, efficient, and internally aligned manner. By building these programs and managing these inquiries, we also identify and solve endemic and systemic problems facing an organization, to limit or prevent future escalations.

One-Off Support/Response

We identify answers to one-off time-sensitive media and regulatory inquiries in an effective, efficient, and internally aligned manner, working across policy, legal, product, regulatory, enforcement, and other stakeholders.

Public Affairs (Proactive/Reactive)

We build and advance client credibility within an industry by defining and establishing strategic partnerships and networks.

Regulatory Order Life Cycle Management

We enable a comprehensive understanding of the requirements faced in a regulator’s request and help create a regulatory life cycle response program that streamlines the delivery of accurate information to the appropriate stakeholders. We oversee the entire process and act as a bridge between the assessor, the regulator, and organizations, helping to ensure responses are accurate and timely from start to finish, empowering clients to remain compliant with the terms of an order.


Our work enables organizations to understand the engineering, product, operational, tooling, and implementation requirements necessary to execute and comply with a regulatory action or settlement.


We collect evidence, analyze data, and write and validate responses to a third-party assessor request or during an assessment cycle.


Our team defines, designs, and advises during the building of new frontend and backend solutions of products to ensure identified gaps are fixed and settlement agreements are properly complied with.

Actionable Intel and Litigation Support

We equip clients with actionable intelligence products that can inform decision-making for litigation, investment, and other business decisions. By deploying open-source intelligence (OSINT) methods, we can conduct an "Achilles Risk Profile" for litigation and assess threats against high-net-worth individuals and senior executives.

Actionable, Monitoring, and Threat Intel

We utilize OSINT research to monitor people and events important to your business, assess any threats that may impact your organization, and identify information that may be used for litigation, investment, and other business decisions.

Information Removal

We drive efforts to remove unwanted and unauthorized information online.

Litigation Support (for Venable)

Our team deploys market best practices in OSINT research to assess witnesses and experts in preparation for depositions and trials.

Opposition Research

We deploy market best practices in OSINT research on opposition parties in preparation for deposition and trials.

Business of Human Rights (Free Expression, Privacy, Civil, Child Safety, Trafficking)

We integrate human rights principles into business strategy and operations to enable increased revenue, improvements in reputation, and greater trust and loyalty among customers. By evaluating and building human rights programs, identifying and reducing the unintended harms of human rights, identifying growth opportunities using human rights principles, and operationalizing the business of human rights, we make human rights work for your business.


We build a comprehensive human rights program that enables an organization to consistently and seamlessly evaluate the impact of human rights on their product development and implementation.


We evaluate organizations and products via a human rights capacity through conducting GNI Assessments.

New Market Assessment

Our work enables organizations to make smart business decisions by evaluating market entry propositions with a human rights lens, and developing mitigation strategies for successful business execution.