Venable LLP Expands Technology and Innovation Offerings with Venable Blue

Legal and Consulting Service Helps Clients Protect Their Reputation and Manage Risk Online

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Venable LLP today introduced Venable Blue, a legal and consulting service that helps clients protect their reputation and manage risk online. The service helps companies build, operationalize, and deploy integrated programs and systems, and manage escalations in all areas of business, including regulatory, compliance, content, child safety, human rights, and privacy online. Venable Blue extends and complements the robust offerings of Venable’s Technology and Innovation practice in data privacy, cybersecurity, and autonomous and connected mobility.

“Venable has long been a trusted partner and counsel to companies seeking to innovate and grow by leveraging new technology,” Stu Ingis, chairman of Venable LLP. “As the pace of business and societal expectations continue to evolve, Venable Blue will build on this rich history and enhance our ability to meet the emerging needs of our clients.”

Venable Blue combines the firm’s full-service legal resources with the practical knowledge and experience of high-capacity analysts who have worked at top tech firms, government agencies, the armed services, and leading Fortune 500 companies. Venable Blue’s team of seasoned analysts, led by Venable LLP partner Hemanshu (Hemu) Nigam, specialize in online privacy, safety, security, human rights, intelligence, and crisis management. They provide end-to-end personalized guidance to help clients turn a crisis into an opportunity, protect their data and reputations, and meet their compliance and policy obligations. Venable Blue also manages regulator-mandated assessments.

From Fortune 500 companies, including global tech companies, to family offices to high-net-worth individuals, Venable Blue’s clients range in size and complexity. Venable Blue is equipped to provide strategic, tactical, and actionable guidance and embedded escalations and operational management.


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