Developing a Takedowns Process to Safeguard a Multinational Toy Company’s Intellectual Property

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When unauthorized images of a major toy company’s new product are released online, Venable Blue developed a takedown process that helps avert financial and reputational harm.

The client, a multinational toy manufacturing company, is faced with a challenge when unauthorized photos of an upcoming toy release circulate online. In need of a knowledgeable and efficient partner, they engaged Venable Blue to craft a strategy that would safeguard the client’s intellectual property. By developing a scalable process for executing takedowns, Venable Blue was able to submit over 3,000 takedown requests, successfully mitigating financial and reputational risks for the client.

The Issue: Photo Leaks Threaten the Successful Release of a Highly Anticipated Product

The client had partnered with a film producer on an upcoming movie release to develop a series of related toys. Because of the publicity surrounding the film, these toys were highly anticipated. Despite the client’s efforts to keep the appearance of the toys confidential, unauthorized photos were circulating online. Upon examining the circulated images, the client determined that the photos were likely being taken at one of their manufacturing plants. Such a leak was risky for the client, as it could strain relationships with their film partner, lead to financial repercussions, and result in reputational harm. Keen to release the product on their own terms and pressed with multiple other urgent commitments, the client sought support to get the leaked photos removed from the internet in a timely manner. Given Venable Blue’s significant experience in executing takedown requests swiftly and at scale, the client came to us seeking solutions.

Venable Blue Response

With the movie release looming, the Venable Blue team recognized the need for a prompt solution. To develop a strategy for executing takedowns (i.e., the removal of images of the toys from websites), the Blue team first worked with the client to assess the parameters of what needed to be removed. From defining the nuances of violative images to the breadth of platforms to evaluate, our professionals developed a roadmap for a thorough search. 

Equipped with these parameters, Venable Blue worked with a trusted third-party content moderation company to execute a 24/7/365 program to find potential violative posts. As we were committed to the accurate removal of posts and avoiding false positives, we validated each flagged post to ensure it was, in fact, violative. As leaked images of the toys were discovered and validated, the team developed mechanisms to issue bulk takedown requests to providers, capitalizing on the efficiency of scale. Our team coupled their requests with a detailed tracking system, allowing for proper follow-up and action.

We next developed a playbook for the client that defined a sound and repeatable process for executing future takedowns. From outlining how to determine violative content to providing communications for takedown requests, this playbook served to build internal capacity and knowledge for the client. 

The Outcome

Through Venable Blue’s persistent and scalable takedown efforts, the team was ultimately able to submit 3,000+ takedown requests across 10+ platforms. The team’s success with taking down violative content successfully reduced financial and reputational risks for the client. Recognizing Venable Blue’s detailed and expeditious approach, the client has requested preemptive support in advance of another film release.

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