Aerospace, Automotive, and Marine

Venable has a unique blend of legal and technical experience that gives our lawyers a valuable edge in protecting the intellectual property assets of companies in the aerospace, automotive, and marine industries. Our lawyers understand the competitiveness within these mature, yet ever evolving industries, and are well versed at working with our clients to add value as a strategic partner to maximize the patent, trademark, copyright, and trade secret protection associated with our clients' innovations. Our lawyers hold degrees relevant to many aspects of the aerospace, automotive, and marine industries, including aerospace engineering, mechanical engineering, material science, chemistry, physics, electrical engineering, and computer science. We also have lawyers with such hands-on engineering and management experience as designing and developing aircraft and spacecraft mechanical systems and communications, navigation, and tracking systems for both the military and the private sector.

Over the years, aerospace, automotive, and marine companies have entrusted us to protect and, where appropriate, to litigate and license their intellectual property rights. Whether policing and enforcing the worldwide trademark portfolio of a well-known boat manufacturer, securing invention rights in complex turbine blade designs and hydraulic engine lifters, or protecting automotive tire designs, we stand ready to efficiently and cost-effectively tackle any intellectual property challenge faced by our aerospace, automotive, and marine clients.